The Bellevue Boutique Hotel

Accommodation at the Hotel Bellevue Blaye is located on the right bank of the Gironde estuary approx. 50km north of the city Bordeaux, France.

The hotel faces the Gironde estuary, which is the largest in Western Europe, as well as the Citadel and Blaye’s main park.

It’s just 100 meters from the Blaye-Lamarque ferry port, which is the only river crossing within 40km into the legendary Medoc wine region. Around the Hotel are magnificent vistas and numerous historical sites.

Blaye is famous for its Citadel, which is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site. Marked by the history of France and by illustrious figures, it invites you to discover magnificent panoramas and pleasant strolls in its alleys to meet its craftsmen, restaurateurs, traders and view its art galleries.

The city of Blaye is considered the regional hub of numerous famous vineyards, with wines that are acclaimed worldwide. As such, the area offers many attractions in the form of wine tastings, wine trails, cycling routes and weekly markets that offer fresh local produce.

Interior Design

This spacious building with its undeniable charm offers a captivating journey through France of times gone by, with its ornate walls, intricate ceilings and elegant medieval architecture.

Enriched with cultural intrigue, this classic now modern French hotel will consist of 68 luxurious suites, gourmet dining and wine tasting combined with artwork sourced from all around the world.

A Spa, salt water pool, wellness centre and culinary school will make this an irresistible destination for visitors from near and far. Click here to learn more about the Spa Suites.


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